Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Two Tys

I know! I should be studying...! But the temptation...

Let's take a moment for these two Tys. Tyrese Gibson or Tyson Beckford? Tyrese or Tyson?

Girls..(Sarah and Mareena), I know we've been fighting over Tyrese all these while. And I've decided now to let go of Tyrese and opt for Tyson. Hahaha! So you two can continue brawling over Tyrese. Tyson's waaaayyyyyyy, hotter! L.O.L!

And everyone else, who do you choose?

Tyrese Gibson


Tyson Beckford



Hahahahaha...! Owh... This is a totally pointless entry...


Foxxy said...

sangat pointless kau punya entry ni.

and since when you like your meat charcoal grilled and well done? you like kabobs and kobideh as far as i know... LOL.

p/s: hope you can decipher that message in the second paragraph.

Ty said...


Hey..., I love variety in my meat. That's all I can say. Be it charcoal grilled or kabobs or stewed! Hahaha...

sarah said...

ok i understand kabobs, charcoal grill but what's stewed like?
i'm clueless!!!

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