Saturday, October 11, 2008


Okay. Time to bore you people with another emotional entry.

I have just sewn up some massive amount of assignments today. I stayed in the whole day today and I swear, there has never been a day in my life that has been this much peaceful. I was completely alone, indulging in my own state of solitary. Ah..., sheer bliss.

I am wrestling with time right now. My hands are full with endless school task plus the upcoming exams. And don't even make me start about my pesky life issues. School is too strenuous these days and it will be more so this coming fortnight. It is only necessary for me to leave everything else behind and concentrate on the academics. No matter how other things are so bothering me right now.

Well, let's get to the boring part.

I am a horrible, horrible person. And this is why I said so...

I am a user. I use people. I take people's life and money and ran away with it.

I don't know how to love and often I hurt the people who deserve love.

I am selfish and I always put myself first on top of others. It is always about me and never about you.

I am ungrateful and unappreciative. You can give me this and that, and I am still the spoiled hellcat who won't see the sacrifices others have made.

I am lazy and indecisive.

I don't do sacrifice. I don't give. I only receive.

I am rude. I say mean things to people.

Like my niece, I have anger management issues.

I always look for faults in others and never at my own.

I don't handle criticism and rejection very well.

I am not compassionate.

I am all that. Really.


chics said...

Seems like I am reading a description about my self.

Anonymous said...

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