Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lick and Promise

I am tagging and untagging photos on Facebook while waiting for Mareena to come over. It's the eve of Merdeka and we've decided not to go anywhere because of a few coherent reasons..

1. There will definitely be bad-ass traffic out there tonight.

2. The idea of celebrating independence with massive crowd, pressing onto one another is no longer appealing and so un-independent like.

3. Un will be working the morning tomorrow, so he needs more than just forty winks in order to be able to survive the flight.

Thus, Mareena and I have decided to capture the night by my poolside, silently, with Manzanita and Baileys as our auxiliary companion. That should be adequate.

A note about yesterday evening:
I went to watch the MPO perform with some friends from school. It was a short, 78 minutes piece without interval titled 'My Homeland' by Smetana. I realized, after the concert that I did not yawn, not even once, during the performance. My conclusion, I miss the MPO and the DFP really badly.

The tipsy gypsy is here.

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qayyiem said...

Ty, LOTR Symphony - Dec 2008. Jom!!