Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ty and Again

I attended Operations Management lecture this morning and left for home half way through. I have an appointment with Un and Sterling today at noon and maybe after that, will go scout for some potential sushi meal.

There is a big difference between lying and not telling. When you don't tell, you aren't lying. And back to my 'honesty isn't necessarily the best policy' theory, I'd like to say that sometimes, 'not telling' could be the best policy.

I was recently fascinated by a line quoted by Dr. Zac over coffee. He said, 

"I can never say that I am honest but I can sure say that I am sincere."

It makes perfect sense to me.

I am no seeker for heartache. I'll be perfectly alright facing a lie as long as I don't know that it's a lie. And I don't probe around just to prove that someone is telling the truth or if someone is telling a lie. What I'm saying is that, if you're a good liar, and that by far you are doing a great job, and it somehow makes me a happier person, please keep up the awesome job and do not stop lying.

I remembered an incident one of my sisters went through with my dad. Back then, he didn't know that her daughters smoke and my sister was caught having a pack of cigarette in her bag. My dad was semi-furious, I would say, and believe me, semi-furious is grim enough. But my sister, calmly said...,

"Why were you even ransacking and snooping into my bag in the first place, Papa? If you didn't do that, you won't find the cigarette, and you won't even be angry, because then you won't have to learn the fact that I smoke."

Again, this makes perfect sense to me.

Why do we keep looking for deceitful matters? Why are we constantly thinking that the people around us are lying to us and that we are on a mission of trying to prove that these people are liars? What would we get out of that? Would we be happy? Would we get ultimate contentment for being a triumphant detective in convicting people who lie? I would say not. Instead, what we would get is just hurt and pain, a scarred self-esteem and one significant dosage of crying spell. This is definitely not what I want.

Therefore, I am taking the path where I would rather not be in the know. It is better that way. If it is detrimental to me, then don't tell. Lie if you must. Just don't hurt me because I won't hurt myself either. And be rest assured that I am not some featherbrained chick who would go through people's stuffs just to discover something I shouldn't know. Especially not if the discovery would be affecting me in a devastating manner.

The moral of the story is, if you need to lie, make sure you do a well done job in keeping it odorless. Also, please remember that what you don't know can't hurt you. So don't go sniffing around and look for trouble. The lesser you know, the better off you will be.


dakwanie said...

miss ya lah beb... mana lah pigi?

VS said...

you think you got it right, but you are so far from the truth.

what's popular isn't always right,
what'ts right isn't always popular.

you are saying that it is alright to lie by not telling the truth.

if a guy comes up to you and woooos you till you fall head over heels...but very cunningly hides the fact that he is married ( as has a useless bimbo puppet coward wife who must be damn bad in bed else he wouldn't look for someone like you )'d still keep to that statement of yours?

only 2 things to sum it up. :
1) you have low standard.
2) you do not fear God...and are looking forward to your journey into hell.

VS said...

oh...and i challenge you :

Make 5 sentences ( or at least one if you can ) where you can be sincere and not honest. And you know what i mean.