Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hot Under The Collar

My mood is super bad today. Stomach cramp. The slightest hubbub would irritate me. The tiniest nuisance annoys me. Let alone huge nudniks. Grrrr...!

I don't need no hugging right now. No kissing. No nothing.

Stop asking me questions. Stop asking for my permissions. Stop making imbecilic jokes.

I just need some 24 hours alone time. Don't touch me, I am feeling all muggy.

I ain't talking to no one. Blame it on my hormones. Yes. Blame it on them.


Liz Hurley said...

I feel u babe..

Ty said...

chiss...! liza...! publish blogpage tak bagitau aku...! aaahhh...! hahaha...