Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ty Me Down

Good morning, darlings! I woke up at 8 this morning. Slept my night away like a log because I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before.

Yesterday I met up with Mareena for a few cups of Turkish coffee in Cyberjaya. I missed that girl. Not that I don't see her often but because every time I meet up with her, either one of us will have another company tagging along. And that will be me for more than half the time. So yesterday, our chewing the fat session was due... and as we sipped on our coffees, we  prattled of some issues...

#1. Women who stop primping themselves up after they get into a relationship.

And then they would go berserk if the partner once blink an eye at another hot chica. Being in a relationship does not mean you can relax and settle down. It should make you work even harder. Just like my teachers back in school and college used to tell me, the hardest part is to maintain an A. So don't lean back and be lazy just because you got your man already! And no, no relaxing after you marry him either!

#2. Women who doesn't primp themselves up at all!

I've talked about this. Alright, once in a while maybe you should go natural and makeup-less (this shall be judged from where you are going and what you are going to do). But you can't appear all natural like yogurt all the time and assume that less is best or 'oh, men loves natural beauty so I'll go with no make-up to impress'. So there she goes appearing in public with unkempt eyebrows, shiny face and pale skin in an attempt to gain eminence but ended up throwing everyone into a state of terror.

Like Salma Hayek once said.., 'It actually takes me a lot of make-up in order to make me look like someone who doesn't wear make-up'.

Remember that!

#3. How we can never find a man who would conform 100% to our idea of perfection.

There can never be one man who has all these... drop-dead gorgeous, killer body, awesome persona (as in he is not a bore, not a boor, and especially not a boar!), intelligent, quick-witted and moneyed. All these traits doesn't normally come in one package. So in order to have all, you got to be expecting more than one package, just like an ASTRO deal. Fucked up, eh? Yeah, but that's the actuality of things. 

#4. Straightening out our main objective as in what we need the most in life.

So let us say we finally found someone who somewhat has almost all except a few attributes from the ones listed in #3. In this case let's omit from him the qualities of moneyed and awesome persona. Apart from the two, he has everything else, highlight the drop-dead gorgeous and killer bods! Haha...! Okay now let's say that love kicks us in the butt and we think that this is it. This is the point where we see the future of growing old together and bla, bla, bla. But wrong, after a few number of rolls in the hay, you realized that he is actually a boar and that you need, if not much, just a little bit of money to make things work. And then you realized that love alone can't do miracles. And that you have sorted your priorities in a fallacious manner.

Prioritize here, is the key word. Sort out what you really need in order to face the world and make sure your partner is armed with loads of your priority requirement. Be realistic. I hate to say this but I am saying it anyway, as subtle as possible so that you people won't judge me too hard on this. Hahah!

- Money, up to a certain extend can definitely buy love, which turns happiness into one big bargaining crusade. 

- Love alone can never be enough (and we all know that, we just don't want to admit to it!) because after reality barged in and boxed your ears off leaving you feeling love-sore, you will know that money should help lubricate the whole thing.

- Good-looking men and women are lip-smacking but they better have some value added qualities to accompany their physique. Because without brains and personality, their physical splendor would morph into foible and makes them look plug-ugly!

Ok. Now I can really do off with a long shower! Tata, loves!

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