Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ty Me Up

I am sipping on some Irish cream while typing this. And yeah, Irish cream is like the closest I could get to an Irish. Ironic. Because I don't quite fancy Irish.

I once told a somewhat-wise-but-not-too-wise man that...,

"When shopping, one should always look for what he needs instead of what he wants. Because what he wants might be of no good to him."

And the somewhat-wise-but-not-too-wise man riposted,

"But what if what you need doesn't need you or even want you?"

He was quite right. My concept may apply if I am not dealing with humans. But I am applying it still, anyway. Because looking for what I need is still the best stratagem, while occasionally indulging myself with the things that I want. Needing is survival, but wanting makes your life ebullient. And the two is indispensable.

So what if what you need doesn't want me or need me? I'll move on, keeping an upbeat mind that someday, I'll find what I need.

The thing is, I can never really know what I need till I find it... For all I know, the next thing I find might be the thing that changes everything... Which by then, I would finally discover that that is the one thing that is good for me. 

On that note, I shall not put any demarcation line on myself. Well at least, not just yet. And I seriously think that none of you out there should. So live on. Don't stop yourself from finding new stuffs. Who knows you might need them someday. You don't want to be too late when you realized that.. 'Hey, that's exactly what I need! And I blew it away..'

Okay, time to succumb to 3 hours of maltreatment in school. Thank god I have some Irish cream in my system to keep me numb. ;)


asrif said...

What if, *inhales*, the thing that we want doesn't happen to be the thing that we need but we want it anyway, consequently turning the thing that we want into the thing that we need, which would again spark the question of whether we actually need this particular thing that we want because we think we need it?

Have a good weekend. :-)

Marcus said...

I don´t mind at all! it´s cool as fuck to be quoted, I LIKE:)!so you just go ahead. peace