Saturday, January 26, 2008

Strategically Blonde

I believe this is my first entry for 2008. I know, I have been idle for two months. Not that I have nothing to bitch about, I just couldn't find the time to do some serious bitching with the bitches. And believe me, I miss them bitchy bitches, so very greatly.

Let me update you on recent occurrences..

Last night, I only slept for 4 hours. Thanks to Saty, this morning I was dragged to a place in Hulu Langat where we did some serious mountain climbing exercise. Wanna know why? Yea, this fat lady here (me) will be going up Mount Kinabalu next week (trying to push herself to her limits la kononnya when actually, I am replacing my dad whose place has been paid and secured for the excursion tapi lepas tu tak mau pegi..). Thus, as the result from this morning's exercise, now I can't quite feel my legs. Neither can I tell if my ass is still attached to my lower torso.

The pipeworks in my apartment unit needed fixing that requires serious hacking of the apartment wall. The contractor came to repair it 2 days ago but he wasn't able to finish the job..(sangat suwey la ni...because until he's done, I can't turn on the water supply!). So yesterday, I woke up early, went down to the swimming pool in my swimming attire carrying with me my toothbrushing kit, facial wash, shower gel and shampoo. At first, I pretended that I was down there for an early swim (my intention adelah supaye tak nampak obvious sangat aku nak mandi kat shower open air tu..). Not long after that, I was showering away happily at the poolside shower with foam on my head and toothbrush in my mouth...(gile best..!! Ala2 spa di Bali).

If you don't already know, I am the kind of person who forgets where she parks her car in the shopping mall a lot more frequently than she remembers. And some couple of weeks ago, the day I went out for lunch with Mareena at Winter Warmers, I lost my parking ticket. And I only realized this when I was at the parking exit! I was pretty sure I had it with me and that I was holding it in my hand when I entered the car. So I panicked, reversed the car and pull it on the side (nasib baik takde kereta lain kat belakang time tu..). I ransacked my handbag, paperbag, plastic bag and all the bags I could find in my car (I swear, if my Lisa was equipped with airbags, I would have looked for it there too!) tapi tiade berjumpelah...Still panicking, I got out of the car and press the help button on the ticket console to talk to the operator. I heard the operator responding to my problem and she told me to, "go up...bla, bla, centre...bla, bla, fine". Sighing, I walked back to my car and open the car door, sedih la ni sebab kene bayar denda, dah la duit takde. But then, at that moment, I saw a shiny card on the driver's seat - the parking ticket! And all along I was sitting on it. Nasib sangat baik, parking ticket dan duit saye selamat.

The end.

P/s : My fake eyelash extensions are now history. Qaseh boxed them out of my lids not so many days ago when we were fooling around. Boo-hoo...!!

P/s/s : Pearl is back. Ass bigger than ever. Hahah!!!


KeSs ViXen said...

finally TY,
found ur blog after been browsing like MADNESS! haha..siap googled ur name lagi! * i know, such a bitchy stalker*


chics said...

Nasib baik it was Qaseh, if it was someone else,possibility for that person to get boxed is quite high.hehe

Ty said...

i love them bitchy stalkers... ;)


sarah said...

Hahaha.. it's so you la nok! So mountain climbing eh? All the best babe! Your bitch is waiting for you to get bitching!!!!

tyiara said...

selamat meng"mountain-climbing".