Monday, January 15, 2007

Too Lazy to Get Back on My Feet

I have just recovered from a terrible fever. I still have the coughs and my throat still have the taste of medicines. Food doesn't taste as good as usual. I'm having tons of gas in my stomach which I do not know how to expel it from the system.

My attitude towards work has not improved, in fact it gets worse after the fever. Knowing that next month I'm going to Dubai and Hong Kong doesn't help either.

The only thing that makes me feel nice and happy is the fact that my annual leaves for January has been approved. I'm gonna have 5 days off in the middle of January and then another 5 days by the end of January which will lead to another 5 days in early February. Now that is what I call fun. So all in all, I'll be having 10 days of annual leave in January, plus say another 5 more days off work. That will leave me with maybe around 10 working days. Yahoo...!!!

My last day at work will hopefully be in February, on the 24th. So if I have 5 days annual leave in February plus another 5 days off tops, then I'll have another 10 days or so to work in the month of February too. Again, this is hurray...!!

I'm now waiting for my headache to recover fully. Then I might post in another blog. I have few ideas coming.

P/s : Can't wait for Kaseh's arrival into the world tomorrow.

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Tyiara said...

Kaseh or Kasih?