Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Better Hot Than Cold

Yesterday saw me shopping like mad. Was in Castle Rock visiting shops; Geoffrey Beene, Coach, Ralph Lauren, Nine West, Gap, Borders, Eddie Bauer and the list goes. Didn't manage to take any photos cos were too busy shopping. Moreover, we already have a list assigned to us by the original Miss Shopaholic who were left at home breastfeeding. Heheh.. (Saty, beli barang dlm senarai kau adelah yg paling memeningkan..)

We were at Castle Rock from morning until the sun almost set which was around 5 pm. Dumped our shopping bags at Pearl's, had a simple dinner. Mak masak, so I felt right at home. Pearl makan tambah 3 kali.'ll turn from anorexic to obese in no time, babe!

After dinner, we simply went out and jalan-jalan at Pekan Golden*, had a stroll by Clear Creek* and went up Mount Zion*, saje-saje sebab boring dok rumah.

This morning on the other hand is a slow one for me. Outside is snowing and I just did laundry with Pearl at the Community Center next to her block*.

Later we're planning to go to Boulder and Denver. Think I should go get ready now. Them people are waiting for me.


chics said...

Ala gamba kecik sangatlaa

Ty said...

Alah cik chics, photographer amateur. Susah nak di instruct, stress! But i'll see what i can do bout that.

peas said...

eh cheh.. did u feel like one of the cast frm "friends" when doing the laundry.. hehehe

Ty said...

Ade lah sikit-sikit rase mcm tu gak.. heheh. i'm so rajin nak buat laundry out of the blue..