Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Must We Do That?

Will someone answer my questions?

Must we speak in English if we are rich and/or popular?
Do we look poor or foolish if we don't speak English?
Do we look uncivilized if we speak in Malay because our English is broken?
And if our English is a piece of joke, do we still speak or write the language to improve?
Or do we do it just to show people that we belong to a certain class of people?
If we speak and write bad English, do we feel angry if people try to correct us?
Or do we actually think we wrote perfectly, full of style and grace that it is impossible that we are wrong?
And if we can't construct proper sentence in English, must we mix some English words in our conversation to look classy, modern, educated or whatsoever?
Must we speak our language with western accent so as to show that we are more mat salleh than Malay?
Must we change our beautiful traditional name to something more glamorous so it resembles some western characteristics?
Must we?
Do we?
Should we?
And I'll be going crazy..

P/s : I like belacan as it is. I wouldn't like belacan if it comes in cheese pack.


Jazeel said...

Oh no we dont have tah,wont,shant and wouldnt...cheers Ty...and i am OUT OF THIS FREAKIN' GOD FORESAKEN JOB THAT WE HAVE...know-wot-i-mean??

Tyiara said...

oh just speak in whatever language you're comfortable in.

Wanie said...

i speak what i feel,in what ever language i feel like speaking.. muahhahahah how's that sound? whats up sis?

HarrizFrankie said...

U speaking in wat language u like loh... U speak to blacan u speaking in malay lorr.. u speak to ah moi u speak in chinese lor.. u speak to tambi u speak in indian lorr..
However, english is the one language that no one can claim as their's (unless you're English although no one understands them anyway). it unifies most of us. So, if u can't speak to an indian in tamil, you speak to him in English. You can't assume everyone speaks malay.

p/s i'd try blacan in chesse packs. I'm up for new things. I try not to live in my past.

~my flying hero~

Ty said...

I'm leaving. Very, very soon..

Oh ok.

I'm good. But always sleepy lar..and getting fatter too!

I like your chinaman style. always sooo original. I'll come up with 'Confessions of a belacan in a cheesepack soon'.

Tyiara said...

tyiana...dtg la cepat...dtg la juga masa aku grad....please please please datang masa aku grad?


Ty said...

Kau nak sponsor aku utk dtg time kau grad ke? hehe..