Monday, January 29, 2007

Golden - Day 3, Updated Version

It's already the 3rd day we're here in Golden. The 1st day we arrived, we didn't do anything accept stretching ourselves out and recovering from the lengthy travel. Furthermore, it was already at night.

The 2nd day we didn't do much either, we just went to the Asian Market to accompany mom get some groceries. I don't normally do this back at home, but it's different here and I'm determined to see every nook and cranny of Golden and if possible, Denver.

We cooked dinner and had a bunch of Pearl's friend over to join us.

Today, day 3, we went to Colorado Mills to do some merchandise scouting. Didn't purchase anything though, cos we're planning to go to Castle Rock which, according to Pearl is a better shopping district than the Mills.

So, after a long walk around the mall, we just had coffee at Seattle's Best.

Then Pearl and I bought some English Toffee Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Yum, but lots of calory!

And oh, we also went to Belmar, jalan-jalan*,

popped in at Walmart and bought some bagels* and cream cheese for my dinner.


chics said...

Oh God that bagel with cream cheese looks yummy. tsk.

Ty said...

Aku dah tak larat nak ber'bagel' lagi..Sedap pade ketika itu sahaje. Tak nak mknn omputeh lagi.. Tanak..

angelfire said...

oit kenapa muka mak macam kena sepak dek beruang? he..he.. sejuk sampai tak boleh senyum ke har..har..har..aku nak toffee apple seploh..

angelfire said...

tak baik tau kau nie letak gamba kau yg cun je...tak konsider langsung gambar org lain... 9sama mcm aku jugak la...)

Ty said...

Biase la, kate adik beradik..Jahat betul engkau ini..

Peas said...

Noax it looks fun and yummy.. aku nak gi jugak...!!!!

Ty said...

Wish u are here too. Things should be wilder and crazier! Instead of just plain fun and sensible.. :)