Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Jar With A Door

Am babysitting the house and the Papa while the rest of the family had a short, 3-day trip to Genting. Saty just had to find reasons to buy Qaseh few pieces of sweaters.

Pearl just came back from Kerteh and will be leaving for Aberdeen this Sunday. And, talking about that, I was suppose to bring back some winter clothing for her...which I forgot. Tsk!

Generally, people are nicer when they are on holidays. If you meet a guy or anyone during their holidays, you can expect him/her to be the perfect being. They are a lot cooler, good-tempered, jovial, funny and stress-free. Not to mention that they will be a lot more romantic too.

I miss that sweet, perfect being.

Other than that, I have nothing more to say...Or maybe I have more to say but just chose not to.

Time for a quick nap now before the evening commence. Will meet Sarah in Desa View tonight (excited!). School will start again next week and I am determined to be more organized this final semester. I refuse to be labeled 'unorganized' by some people!

P/s: Obama won the US presidential election and Kenya declared two days of public holiday. Just the reaction I would expect by Malaysia too if Obama was half, or quarter, or even one tenth Malaysian. No kidding! We Malaysians are generous enough to even give the Datukship title to Shah Rukh Khan.

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