Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Idiot's Guide to Being Courteous

As strange as it should be, I am right now in the university's library. This is probably my third time being here within the duration of one and a half years of my study period in this stodgy-hole. Earlier, I planned to sit here and start writing the research proposal for my Research Methodology subject. But plans would remain as plans if one does not put them into execution. And right now, I am typing away some futile notes to fill up my precious time.

Emily Post said that manners are sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter which fork you use.

I figured there are few basic deportment to being courteous...

  • If you are asking someone for a favor, you don't have the right to be demanding. Accept what is offered and never boss the person whom you're asking the favor from.
  • Do not use one person (or many) to help another person that you would like or obliged to help.
  • Nothing in this world comes in for free. So always double check with the person you are asking for help if it is okay and if you can do anything to help ease the burden or repay his/her kindness. Chances are, the person would say..'Oh it's okay, really, I am willing to just help...', but still, never forget to perform this check. Show care to the person who has agreed to help you.
  • You cannot hate or accuse someone for being selfish just because he/she can't help you once out of one hundred times.
  • If a person has helped you for too many times for nothing else in return, do not take her/him for granted. You can't ask for too much kindness from one person if you are being so insensitive and oblivious.
Common sense, yes? But sadly, not every human being is born with built-in politeness and good manners in them. Heartbreaking is when some are born with good-looks, but very little decorum. And it is even more tragic to have a not-so-good-looking person to behave in a really bad manner. Tsk, tsk..!

I am not a perfect being. But I try my best to treat everyone with politeness. Even to those who are rude to me - not because they are nice, but because I'm nice. Heheh.. After all, the test of good manners is to be patient with bad ones. Phew...! I don't know how long my patience could last.


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