Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Chance for Miss Cockroach

The new semester has begun. And it'll be my last one. Hopefully. If the school does its job proper and work on offering the two extra subjects that I need. Or else I'll be doomed with just two subjects instead of four. Doomed because this means that I will have to take the other two subjects in the next semester, thus delaying my graduation and, more money thrown in the direction of the school too (exactly what I thought the school has in their agenda - to maximize their revenue from the students. Ah, these motherfuckers..!).

It is not easy to find someone with a totally open-mind. Sarah and I agreed on this one fortnight ago.

How can we truly define 'open-mind'?

Last two weeks, over our breakfast/brunch chat at home, we found that most people misunderstood the definition. In general, most people think that one who indulges in smoking, drinking, gambling and other worldly 'fun' activities is one with an open-mind. Consider this statement from someone I know..

"..I am sure she is an open-minded person, considering that she smokes and have fun drinking in clubs..."

This is indeed, one very shallow judgment.

Having an open-mind should be about having the ability and capacity to accept others in every single way. It is about the ability to listen to the opinions of others and even if their notions differ from ours, we are still able to live with it and wont hate the person for who he is and what his gray matter is made of.

Being open-minded should be about celebrating differences. And even if you are different from us, we love you nevertheless.

Alright now. My lentil seeds have finally arrived. Pearl bought them from a Marks & Spencer store in Aberdeen and I am thinking, how weird...


asrif said...

A celebration of differences... that's a good way of putting it. :-)

I face adversity in having an open mind myself. Especially on subjects like music or comedy/humor.

I can't recall the last time I didn't cringe in my encounter with an Emo band, or erratic comedians (e.g. Carrot Top, Martin Lawrence -- whom I doubt aren't in your favor as well, are they?).

Room for improvement, I have got.

echo machine said...

mmm... setuju!

Ty said...

No to Carrot Top and no to Martin Lawrence too. But cheers, anyways!


longge said...

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