Sunday, May 25, 2008

Human Factory

My issue today is about 'beranak banyak' or couple/family who have far too many children than they could afford.

In recent days, giving birth to a child means more than just about reproduction of your own kind. Everyone knows that delivering a child into this world come with a huge set of responsibility. It is by general, the parents' duty to ensure that they could afford to raise the child and provide him/her with quality living.

I have heard these words being uttered too many times before...'Anak tu rezeki. Setiap yang lahir tu adalah rezeki dia...'. Memang la rezeki tu ade tapi kalau the parents tak usaha untuk dapat rezeki, takkan rezeki tu nak datang free-free je kan? Ok, true enough that every child are born with blessings. But if parents fail to consider the fact that whether or not they can actually afford to feed their own babies and provide them with necessities, how can they even think that the child will be blessed irregardless? God can give human being with only so much blessings. The rest is still up to us human beings to maintain and nurture the blessings using our logical brains. 

Allow me to demonstrate via this example...

Let's say my partner and I is a couple with a monthly household income of say, RM5000. Thinking in an analytical mode, I should be able to come to a conclusion that I can only afford to have one child; providing him/her with the minimum quality of living. That, can easily cost me RM1000 a month and the rate will increase as the child grows up.

Or, I can put on a naive mode and believe solely on...'Oh, nevermind, I can just give birth to as many children as I can. The children will be some sort of my future investment. When they are all grown up and have their own careers, I'll feed on their fortune. The more children I have, the better my life will be when I'm older. There will be ways to feed them, I can think about finding the money later. After all, children are blessings. God will help.' 

What will happen next is I will give birth to a dozen of babies, and then have a hard time raising them because I don't have enough money (the rate of my annual increment of salary will be slower than that of my production rate of human beings). After which, I can't even send all those children to school and they have to work odd jobs in order to survive on their own. And when things have become too difficult, I will either go crazy and kill myself, sign myself in under a pimp (itupun kalau laku lagi la...hahah...!), or I can choose to be slightly smarter than anyone else by going to the media and tell them my sad story of life. That way, people will took pity of my whole situation and I can then start feeding on welfare. Brilliant idea, huh?

The point I'm trying to put forward is, please think before you decide to bring another human being into the world. Please mature up a bit and understand that love and affection alone isn't enough. As much as we want to believe that material is not everything, up to a certain degree, having sufficient materials still make the score. Bringing another human being into life is just like buying a car. You can't just buy it without weighing the monthly installment and the cost of maintaining it. 

Also, jangan la mengharapkan for the child to provide you macam datin-datin in the future when you in the beginning were so selfish, pakai beranak saje banyak-banyak without thinking of the children's welfare. Of course, it is also the children's duty to repay back your deeds of bringing them into life, but is it fair when you in the first place make babies without using your brain? You simply squeezed them out into the world (just for the sake of having offsprings), and then voila! The children owe you for life. That is so not right.

So think, ok? And be wise. The best is still to be prepared for whatever responsibility you plan to adopt. Work for the money before you decide to have babies and not have children first then think of the money part later. After all, these are just common sense, right? And yet, how can some people not think of it that way?


chics said...

I hate it when people say "anak itu rezeki" but did not try to improve their family economy.

Lepas tu nanti kasi anak dekat orang, bila anak dah besar and berjaya claim balik.

I rather have non dari beranak and could not provide them with what they need. Kesianlah budak tu.

mikhail harith said...

nasib baik anak aku 1 plus one more on the way, still below the national average kan? hahahhahhaha! apa punya note ni tah! :P

mak kintan said...

setuju juer.. for me 3 is the max for kl people. quality time for the children is more important. kalu 3 anak so muat satu kerete je.. kalu anak lebih kene beli van pulaks....

Ty said...

ye aku juer begitu..

It was inspired by a discussion topic with my mom yesterday. hahaha...but u read it!

ok u stop at 3 okess?

Sarah said...

Nok we did dis topic awhile back. As I recall your opinion on this matter is very firm and I back you on it a 100%!! Still aku nak mencube...hehe..

Tyiara said...


Ty said...

hey guys are doing so well as a couple. as i see it, u can afford 2 now and most probably more later! hope to see mizpeas/moward junior coming your way soon.

kau macam tak pernah tak agree dgn aku pon..hahah...!