Thursday, May 08, 2008

Body Box

I am trying to get slimmer. Am trying to shed some 4 kilos from my current weight of 54 kilos. Yes people, I am that heavy and only 162 cm tall (not tall enough, some people said..).

The only exercise I do these days is swimming, very minimum, maybe 3, 5 laps max. That alone is not enough. I have stopped jogging totally since the place where I used to jog near my apartment has officially become a mini jungle. The last time I jogged there cause me to sprint like a lunatic around the bushy track from fear of being abducted by alien. Though it may sound like a good exercise, I chose not to be too friendly with the wild, just in case I may bump into some unwanted snakes or giant comodo lizards, which I really don't fancy. 

Reduce my 'makan', I already have, not very effectively though because whenever I'm around family or Un, I am bound to eat. Of course, who can tahan kalau emak dah masak sedap-sedap, kan? Whereas with Un, it's always about exploring new places to eat, which I totally dig.

I am also trying to quit smoking. Lately, nicotine intake has been reduced to about 5 sticks a day on average, which I think is great improvement. Talking about that, I remember that I'm suppose to be seeing Dr Zac to be the guinea pig for a new quit smoking medication program. I'll see if it works, if it does, maybe the girls should try it too.

I have been considering slimming centres in my pursuit to be a hotter 50-kilo senorita but many told me those stuffs are just expensive. Effectiveness, zilch. Some actually suggested 'teh orang kampung' which makes me smile and wanted to laugh everytime I heard the name (I just think it sounds funny). The tea, (teh orang kampung) is suppose to make you crap uncontrollably (excuse my language), and with that, you are expected to lose some weight.

Maybe I should try the tea, since it's the semester break and I have plenty of time to visit the lav. Plus it should be cheaper than anything else. Am thinking that slimming centre should be my 'lastest' resort, or worse come to worst, I'm gonna have to opt for a lipo! Now, that will be a real nightmare...

P/s: Girls, have y'all gone crazy with Taaz already? Thanks to Chics for making all of us an addict.

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chics said...

I am trying to lose weight and reshape too. Susah gila!!

The bulge in my stomach is demotivatinglah.