Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Bells and Whistles

I have been relying on technology this past few weeks to socialize...,which is pathetic, I know. And today, I am finally going out...., well not exactly 'out', but just having lunch at a friend's place later and chill. That's better than nothing right? My personal economy has not been experiencing any growth since Bandung so I had to opt for other resources in order to remain as a normal human being and not an android.

An issue I want to touch on today - How can you not love the person who has done so much for you?

How can you not love your sweet boyfriend when he has sacrificed so much for you and in order to be with you. When he puts you first and himself second in everything he does. It's impossible not too love such a darling, right?

And how can you not love your mom when she also has done so much for you? She may not be the perfect mom, but hey, she's just another human being. Good or bad, she must have done something for you which you sometimes choose not to see. How can you not love her too?

Love is just so conditional. You've gotta earn love. If someone loves you unconditionally, good for you, but that wouldn't be right cause you didn't earn it in the first place. And because you didn't do nothing for that love, you just don't deserve it. It's not yours, so you have no right to keep it and use it to your advantage.

It may or may not make sense what I'm trying to say. Blame it on the mouse arrest I've been under for many days. I burn less calories than those calories I earned. Ass is getting fatter by the minute. I'm in a shit-uation which is indescribable to anyone because of the fear of drowning people with my not so new dilemma. Think I better get going before things get shittier. So ta! for now. Am getting ready for Sarah's.

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