Sunday, April 01, 2007

Back To Square One

And just when I thought that being unemployed is so lovely, and just when I thought I could have all the time in this world to do the little, little things I've always wanted to do, I'm back to my busy self.

I've spotted myself a part-time jobs which now seems like it's a full time job. I just hope that things will loosen up a little, when I'm done with trainings and stuffs. At the moment I'm just a little scared that I might not be able to cope with things. And I'm also a little pissed at myself for having no time to spend on myself, my family, my many, many hobbies and my loved ones.

God, there goes my life..And who am I to blame? Just me, myself and I.

P/s : Sue..., help me out here, will ya? I'm just confused with everything!


chics said...

I took up my post graduate class to fill up my time and to take my mind off many things [ I quit my job after shits and after more shits happened].

But not this class is taking everything from me. My time, my freedom, my enjoyment. Sheesh

Rasa aku nak berenti ajelah

Tyiara said...

not anybody's fault u can't go jobless. dah engkau yg gatal2 pegi audition sapa suruh. hehe.

sarah said...

so this means you got the job eh? aku baru nak tanye.. hehe dah mmg ko tu jenis mcm tu nok..redha je le..

Ty said...

oh-oh..adekah aku juge akan membuat the same mistake?

aku saje je gi audition..mane nak tau boleh terdapat plak. mase pegi tu aku confident tak dapat je.

i got it but i don't want it. so i won't take it.