Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Confusing Confession

Dear Ty,

My name is Nor Joyah Sameon. I ask people to call me Joy so sound more modern. My parents were from kampung and come to KL 30 years ago and do business. They are very success. I am so lucky to have rich family but I still understand that is not easy to be wealthy. However I am so lazy to study but is ok because my parents can give money and sponsor me.

After school I got this best job and so glamour job. But I would not tell you what is my job, you think for yourself if you are smart. But don't have dirty mind because I don't do dirty jobs. I don't even like to flattering around. Even if I don't flatter around also I have a lot of admairers.When I first got the job, I was so shock and like my heart is no longer attach to me. Because everyone always said that is so hard to get this job but still I get. I must be really beutiful and gorges la, I think. And also not bad English speaking. Some more with this job now my English is become very good an terror.

I really like my job because is giving me lots of money eventhought I only study until SPM. I show to my parents that I can have much money too. I like to buy things like cloths, handbags yang expensive with big big logo. Like if I buy LV bag, I like the one bag with big LV symbol in fornt. Then only anyone can see.

At the moment I am still not yet marry. But boyfriends, have la. Ade jugak some of my bf yang purposed to me to be his wife. But I say I still young and not ready to commitment. I wants to enjoy first. Is it I very bad to saying this? Is it I don't have a hart? I don't think so. I'm preasure you know. May I know why I should get marry early? My parents also always ask me the bonus question. They are really test my patient.

I think my story is become very long. I better stop first. I will update you some more with my stories some other time ok. I make this promise. Bye.. I heart you.. Mmmuahhh! Mmmuaahh!



chics said...


Tiba-tiba menjadi ruangan senandung semalam mencurah perasaan?

Tapi jangna lupa postkan sambungannya.haha

Jazeel said...

Whoa Ty,is the letter for real?did someone actually sent you that?whoa....far out!!hahaha

Tyiara said...

hahahaha! i know where this letter comes from! a good one!! i miss u!!

Ty said...

The idea of this letter came from my 2 years of experience with the airline. Motiveless I would say. Just wrote it for my own amusement.

And yes bro, this letter is totally fiction. But yet the style is so common and so familiar to many of us.

U better know where it came from princess!Penat aku membuat language research for this piece..

Razi said...

?????... this is what happened when u have a willy...

peas said...


Ty said...

???? should i reply u mate? i guess..?

yea i know..

Lianna said...

Get real??!!! Is she from planet?@XX!*.... She really need a tutor not a husband hehehehhehe....

Ty said...

yea, that's what i think too..