Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hot Dudes..!!

So I've packed all the things that used to be mine (was mine temporarily until I decided to resign), to be returned back to the company. And as I gathered all of them shoes, sandals, bags, kebayas in one corner of my room, I felt so relieved! Like as though I have cleared up a huge mess in my head, in my life.

And now I am so much busy with doing nothing, thus I scribbled down the names of male people whom I think are hot!

Here's my top ten list of hot guys.. Is my number 1 your number 1? :)

W1lou0188426034_150x200_11. Gary Dourdan (Warrick Brown of CSI Vegas)

2. John Legend

3. Hugh Jackman

4. Ja Rule

5. John Travolta

6. Taye Diggs (Pearl, he's only number 6 on my list..)

7. William Petersen a.k.a Gil Grissom (ooh...I love geeks and nerds..!)

8. Bruce Willis

9. Colin Firth (very English..)

10. Amy Search (I know it's scary. But I ain't kidding. Hahah...!!)

So who's on your list?


Peas said...

I'm with you till no 5... u got me all excited..ala2 tulis diary mase kecik2 dulu la noax..

Tyiara said...

oh come on. obviously taye diggs is hotter than ja rule. everyone knows that.

Jazeel said... come my name isnt on the list?heheh

Ty said...

Bile nak collect body spray Victoris Secret kau ni hah?

Heheh..jangan jeles!

ya la bro, i wonder how come ur name's not on the list too..

intan siza said...

sis ty..where's
1.will smith
2.orlando bloom a.k.a legolas
3.matthew macconnehey (ahahah.. i know spelling tu salah..)
4.dr.shepard-mcdreamy (grey's anatomy)
5.last but not least MISS JAY - america's next top model.. kekekeekekeke

Lianna said...

Mine....well definitely Orlando Bloom, but nobody can top my hubby...HEHEHHEHE ( You got to appreciate what you have!!HEHEHHEHE so orait lah tu kan:)

Ty said...

In your list, Miss Jay would be my choice.

I don't like Bloom. And ur husband should remain in your list and your list only. Kalau die di dlm list org lain sgt bahaye..