Friday, February 23, 2007


I'm over with MAS.

So no more pre-flight sickness.

No more irritating people who tries to be cool and open-minded when they're actually a bunch of 'kampung' dudes who are trying too hard.

No more being trapped in a vessel that resembles a huge coffin made for hundreds of people.

No more packing and unpacking my things at unfamiliar places.

No more 'kiss-ass' mode.

No more painting my face with layers of make-ups and bright-coloured eyeshadow.

I can now use these phrases 'good morning', 'thank you', 'excuse me' and 'I'm sorry' less frequent, but with more sincerity.

No more serving that bunch of low life who think they are 'hip' just because they travel by air.

No more frequent travel to the airport.

No more eating those unhealthy, not tasty, aircraft food.

No more chaotic living, odd working hours and inability to plan ahead.

No more dealing with people who thinks they are too good, too senior, too efficient, too classy, yada, yada, yada for me.

No more and no more.

Which also means, no more income.

But I don't care! Wahahahahahahaha....!!!


chics said...

eh i thought best ape dapat jenjalan sana sini.

but i guess it is like what people say "indah khabar dari dupa"

intan siza said...

wow...dah benti keje ke?? good for you!! i wanna quit too...tak sabar..tapi blom ade strength to do that yet. but the time will come soon..very very soon..

Ty said...

takpe lah. aku tak jalan pun takpe lah. dok rumah je pun best..setakat dpt jenjalan dgn a bunch bimbos n himbos, baik takyah..betul tak?

marila kite berenti beramai-ramai. but i don't know if i'm able to adapt to this new situation and for how long i can sustain. i've never been unemployed all my life. and i have never been in a phase where i don't have money of my own.

Hannin said...

Yahoo~!! Congrates to you Ty and all of us who have crawl thru these 2 yrs... tell the truth, I'm kind of sick jugak with the feeling everytime i have when wanna go 4 flt.. though of doing some other things but then still havent found wat I want.. at the mean time just clinging here for a while.... maybe if i do leave MAS... my next job might be in Penang.. dunno y i just fall in love with that Island... my stress level instantly become '0' when I come to think of it..hehe.. all da best to u... btw, bila nak buat catching up ni, since our bond dah habis...

Tyiara said...

no more miss stewardess jokes huh? the end of picking-on-you season.

Ty said...

Yea, finally, Hannin. You're right. I was practically crawling through the past 2 years.

Hohoh..padan muke kau tak dapat mendera aku lagi. i bet you're gonna miss maki hamun aku sebelum gi keje.

Peas said...


Freedom for you!

So when is our next date?

Ty said...

Anytime is a good time nok. Perhaps i'll do a layover at your place. How does that sounds?

Jazeel said...

Wow! u manage to leave first!dang!double dang!!...anyhow,i wish you all the best for your future endeavors.Man how i wish....Well,bye for now,dont be a stranger!

Ty said...

Yeah dude...! i'm out. so, roger!