Saturday, March 10, 2007

If I Happen to Have a Willy..(18SX)

Eventhough I am currently jobless, I still couldn't find time to blog as often as I expect I would. I waited for the whole day for this PC to be free, Papa has been hogging it for the entire day.

So while he hogs the net, I daydreamt thinking what was I gonna do if I were to become a guy. Lots of girls would have different views on this one. I once read a blog by
Chics on this similar topic. But here's what I think I'm gonna do and/or how I'm gonna react.

1. Ok, first thing first. If I were to have a willy, I'm sure it will be a huge one. (Huahaha..) So, because I hung like a horse, I won't be having any problems in the confidence department. Neither would I go around molesting underage girls nor act like 'abang macho' in front of fellow women.

2. The most important thing however is for me to have good educations. I'll definitely study harder if I'm a guy. Ini sangat penting because, if I'm a 'dungu', I won't be getting a good job. And no good job means no money. And no money is...*sigh*..

3. I wouldn't make a fuss about peeing while standing because I find that I could still 'kencing berdiri' even if I don't have a 'punai'. In fact, maybe I'd prefer to sit and pee with my new 'mangina' so that air kencing tidak bersepah-sepah di tepi mangkuk tandas.

4. I know I would be promiscuous for sure, but I won't just grab any woman to have fun with. What's important would be quality and not the quantity. Furthermore, there's also AIDS. Thus, protection!

5. If I, as a man, decided to tie the knot, I'll definitely make a careful choice of my future wife. She shall be fairly pretty and yet not too beautiful. And because I don't want to spend the rest of my life looking at a trophy that can't do nothing, I opted for my woman to have brains, and lots of it. I wouldn't even mind if she has more brain than I do. She also doesn't have to be pious just because I'm not. Come on.., we should all get a partner that is of our equal. Correct?

6. I won't tie myself to a woman legally until I am over and have had enough with 'prostiduding'. Because when I choose a woman to become my wife, she will also be a marvel in the 'bed department' that I no longer require to be a 'prosti-dude' to get some.

7. And yes, I promise I won't be shallow. Refer to previous entry on The 'Shallow Man' Disease for further details.

Right. Maybe those 7 points above are too good to be true. What if my dick is pencil small? What if there's no such woman as per my description? What if I don't go to school? Plus, not good-looking too? Well, then maybe I should just shut up and be a woman.


chics said...

Even no matter how I wonder how it's like to be a man sometimes, i jus opted to remain womenlah.

Sebab I still have the privilege to blame PMS to mengamuk.haha

Ray said...


Tyiara said...

interesting. i am depressed.

Ty said...

you're right on..!!

don't say ouch, say cheese..!! anyways, thanks for dropping by.

aren't u always??

Alek said...

I’m going to be honest. I always do try kan macam orang tu cakap…... I like this blog because it is a well thought piece even if it is, and especially when it is prompt by daydreaming while waiting for a computer-hogging-dad to be done with the pc . However, the most important thing is, Ty is and always will be a girl even if she may still make a swell boy, pencil dick and all. I know this because only a girl can actually write “shut up” and “be a woman” in one sentence to describe herself.Too honest,you think?

Ty said...

Pencil dick? Ches...Or is that u?Hehe..