Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Of Mac & Cheese and Beef Jerky

Am back at home in KL yesterday evening. Fuckin' tired of travelling. I totally hate being stuck in a confined space like the aircraft where u could go nowhere and having no decent air to breathe except the smell of food from the aircraft galley, the odour from the lavatory and the scent of people's socks. Makes me feel kinda groggy.

I love Golden and Denver. Colorado was just fine. Maybe not as hectic and gay and happening as LA or KL or any other big cities, but it suits me well. My only wish is that it's nearer than a fucken 24 hours journey to get there from KL.

I miss Colorado Mills, the short dash to Infinity Circle's tiny convenience shop with Pearl doing laundry, buying the necessary. I'm gonna miss the way how certain things are so cheap and I could shop like crazy on books, clothes and bla, bla, bla...I miss the healthy air at the Vinyl, a tremendous change from any club's atmosphere in KL. Where at Vinyl or most other clubs in Denver, peeps can't smoke inside the club's premise, so we don't end up smelling like a tobacco factory at the end of the party. But most of all, I miss Pearl's antics and having her as company (now.., jangan menangis ye..).

Malaysia is hot, as usual. Good and no good. Good because there's no need for me to wrap myself up with layers of clothing to go out, which definitely makes me look bigger than I already am. And no good because hot makes me feel sticky and feels like I need to shower every other minute. Tsk, tsk.. sangat membazir air macam ni..

Now I gotta deal with real life situations where I need to get up from this seat and go 'mandi' and 'berak' (too much details..). Lots of things to handle in these few days coming. So, tata for now.

P/s : I'm totally proud of KLIA. It's way...., way nicer and better and finer than those airports in LA and Denver. Plus the cubicles' doors of their washrooms are so ajar even when it's suppose to be close. I actually saw one black woman's pussy doing her shit in one of those cubicles. Huhu..


chics@get-pretty! said...

uew..gile keji ok berak mcm tu

sarah said...

Welcome home!! Let's set a date! Miss ya! Muahmuah!

Tyiara said...

people don't watch other people doing their "business" over here. aku tgk jugak masa aku baru2 sampai...jakun la kata kan.

Ty said...

I can't help myself from staring inside the cubicle. Memang keji tp aku tgk gak. Hohoh...!

I'll check on my roster. Shouldn't be long till our next date cos i'm sending in my resignation today.

Aku tau...kau memang nerd yg jakun.

Amy said...

welcome home babe.... malayia still the best eh despite the extremely hot weather lately... Bila nak jumpa nie??

Ty said...

Yea, it's hot, but i guess it's home. Tak lame lagi aku resign. Jumpe la aku hari-hari lepas tu sebelum aku sambung belajar. okeh?

ira mastika said...

oiitt penat2 pun ko dpt main snow...kitorang kat sini penat2 apa dpt panas terik n berpeluh-peluh cam dlm sauna la plak

Ty said...

betul. sgt betul. kalau aku kaye dah lame aku migrate ok?