Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Don't Ask!

Hey..Ever been stumped by questions that don't make sense or mindless? Sometimes people ask questions without thinking. We see and experience this all the time. I do. I've seen many who become victims of such questions everyday. I'll show you what I meant by this..

Questions that begin with 'when'..

..When are you going to get married?..
..When are you guys going to have babies?..

This is like, 'duh'.., do I know when is the right time to grab any Tom, Dick or Harry to marry me? Or when my ovum shall be meeting up with a lucky sperm and form a foetus inside my womb?

Do people have to ask 'when' on such topics? It's weird why people never ask questions like..'bile nak mati?' or 'bile nak divorce?'. My mom said people don't ask such questions because those are bad happenings. Oh. Ok, so marriage is suppose to be a good thing? Even when we got ourselves married to a loser? Marriage is sooo, overrated! But whatever..

Quoting Ima, try asking these instead..'bile nak kaye?' or maybe as simple as, 'bile nak belanje makan?'. Now, isn't that better?

Questions that begin with 'why'..

..Why aren't you married?..
..Why don't you have babies?..

Try to think again when you wanna ask the above questions. Do you really HAVE to ask? Do you really WANT to know? Do you think there's an answer that will quench your burrrning thirst to menyibuk pasal orang? What if the answer to those questions is 'because marriage is crap and having a baby is painful'? Will you be satisfied?

Or what you want to hear is for the person to answer 'owh..because I can't find anyone who wants to marry me' or 'I think I have erectile dysfunction'? And then pura-pura simpati but at the same time laughing at them sebab anda berjaye membuatkan orang itu admit defeat? Owh, the evil in some people...!

Questions that begin with 'cantik tak' or 'handsome tak' and etc..

..Cantik tak aku pakai baju ni?..
..Comel tak baby I?..
..Handsome tak boyfriend I?..

All of the above adalah soalan ugutan. Like, you better say yes and agree with me, kalau tidak...

The last question especially, please! Don't ask others whether your boyfriend is a handsome boy or not, because as much as you think he is a Taye Diggs look alike, we might just think that your boy resembles 'assam boi' and not 'handsome boy'.

But if you need to check with others just to boost up your confidence that your guy is not so 'fugly' (fucking ugly), ask, 'ok tak boyfriend aku?'. Chances are, you'll get a bunch of okays from your friends, enough for your ego to feed on. And that's not too bad innit?

Questions that I get upon meeting up with another cabin crew..

..Roster okay bulan ni?..
..How's your roster?..

If I bumped into 10 crew, I'll get the same thing asked 10 idiotic times. And can someone tell me, roster okay tu macam mane? Because your okay is not my kind of okay. Things that are good to you might be bad for me. Correct? And so far, speaking for myself, I have not experience any 'okay' roster.

So quit asking that monotonous question to others cause chances are, most people felt the same stupid way. But they still respond to you sebab nak jage hati and courtesy la konon-konon..I think being courteous does not require us to be foolish. Haih..kan ade banyak bende lain lagi boleh tanye.

It's 9 more days to my jobless era. Ain't proud, but the thought of it is kinda soothing.


sarah said...

Is this aggresion of yours was due to the conversation we had just now?

chics said...

tula .I hate the q bila nak kawen. nak je aku jawab "bila kau bercerai dengan laki kaula." hehe

Tyiara said...

so how many times have you shit today?

Ty said...

yeah sort of..or maybe it's the other way around.

bagus! jawapan yg bagus!

I've gotta shit at least twice a day. Don't you already know?

josh said...

u are so so true!

Ty said...

thank you!