Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It is never virtuous to have too much of anything.

Too much coffee. Too much love. Too much rest. Too much food. Too much work. Too much care. Too much fat. Too much stupidity. Too much indolence. Too much and too much.

I woke up this morning with the song 'Too Much Love Will Kill You' in my head. Ironic. Hehehe..

I have been eating outside far too often these days. Pretty soon I am going to be a few stones heavier. I think it is about time for me to start cooking at home. But that's fine. It means burning less hole in my already holey pocket.

It is also unhealthy if you have nothing of everything.Time-less, boyfriend-less, love-less (well, in my case it is artificial love which is equivalent to no love at all), care-less, job-less, hair-less, hope-less.

I just failed my recent PAC assessment to join the government. Guess I am not government material. Guess I am a square peg which won't fit in the round hole of government. Nevertheless, I wonder what it takes to be one.

Alright. Okay. Tam the cat is hurtling around with a baby lizard she just spotted in the kitchen. Those two are making me nervous. And I have just spotted one huge acne on my cheek. Drat. What's happening to my complexion these days?


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