Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Beauty Notion

Because there are two dead baby lizards in the kitchen, I had to put off my intention to cook for today.

And because I am not cooking, I am going to start scrawling bull again.

I have always believed that there are certain things a woman needs to do in order to become a basic lady.

I only have four rules for me to look and feel like a real woman. And the rules are simple.

#1 Zap It Off

If we are obviously hairy, shave the excess hair off. Or even better, wax it. And excess hair means hair underneath the armpits, legs, bikini areas and the likes of it, and the upper lips area.

And even if we think, 'why should I shave all these parts when I won't be exposing them to the public's eyes?', I'm still suggesting for those hair to be shaven. The point is, even if we woman think that the hair isn't obvious, we won't know when we will meet someone who would actually notice our upper lips hair, for example. I for one, is somewhat a hairless person. But I have been told by one fussy man that I have whiskers and that I needed to shave. Even when there were only like one or two invisble strands on my upper lips. And though I hate that guy for being fussy, deep down I know that what he said was applicable to all women.

#2 Clear Up Those Messy Brows

Make sure brows are well-kept. If we can shape them nicely, it will be great, but if we are no expert in shaping, then keeping them free from straying strands is good enough. And when shaping, be very careful and make sure not to overdo them either. I learned that brows shouldn't be too thin nor too thick and it shouldn't be too artificially drawn either. It won't be easy and I have to say that I myself have difficulties in this. But try. Because there is no point having super-fab make-up, chic hairdo, and that expensive outfit on when we have two caterpillars mounted above our eyes.

#3 Dry Them Hair Proper

Blow dry the hair after washing. Use tools like hairbrush to keep them in place. Do not air dry. Unless of course, we are blessed with super fine and super perfect hair from birth. Do not go out with wet hair please, unless it is an emergency. And no it is not sexy. It is icky.

#4 Scent It

And do wear perfume. Or at least deodorant. Do not be too confident without them. For what is undetectably immune under our nose would probably be too prominent under the olfactory glands of others. If we accidentally forgot to put some on, well, try my sister's never-fail strategy - use the car perfume! LOL!

At any instance, we should always try to follow all four rules strictly. But then again, we are merely humans. There are instances when we would uncaringly unleash the beast and let the hair grow wild, like gorillas, on days when we are feeling heart-sick or plainly not in the mood. Well, that's okay, just make sure noone else sees us or at least try hard to minimize contact with other human beings.

Now, after all that, I really need to eat.


mak kintan said...

i shaved this morning eventho i'm wearing baju kurung to work today. rasa sungguh kurang cantik kalau ade bulu2 terlebih. hiks

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