Friday, September 29, 2006

The 28th Year

'Lonely No More'. My 28th year motto. Haha..! Life is going to be more meaningful from this year onwards, I hope. Since my last blog titled 'There's No One Else in the Room', surprisingly, things has turned out very nicely and everything seems to fall into places. Now I believe that I should just hang on when the going gets a little tough. There's always some great surprises in store for the near future. I've certainly learnt that there's always a purpose to every event in life. They will, almost always, teach you how to laugh more and not to cry too hard.
I have learned the beauty of my new job. Well, it might not bring me very far in the brain department, but it sure brings me places and meet new people. And people, is the best field of study sometimes. I'm starting to enjoy the job slowly, very slowly indeed.. At times the job will still give me nausea, not from flying but from some moronic behaviour of human beings. But hey, I am happy to say that I am now able to cope with such antics. After all, this job did get me acquainted with some wonderful people too. The special people who made my day. The job too, made me value my old friends even more, treasure my family greater than ever and learn to love better. I have to admit that no matter how thin I try to slice things, there will always be two sides of everything. So, rather than seeing the glass as half empty, it will only be wiser to see it as half full. And thus I've come to a conclusion, the job ain't that bad.
This 28th year, I will make it the best year. I will learn more, be more productive (no more laziness...! ..hopefully..), be more forgiving, see things in a different light, think positive, get in shape (must go to gym and workout), save as much money as possible and the most important of all, I will be happy.
P/s : Alek, I am not the anti-management, anti-social rebel anymore ok? In fact, I never was..

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