Saturday, September 30, 2006


I just turned 28 the other day. And I was in Kuching. Had a smashing good time there with Farrah and Linda. I simply love Kuching. Love the unique cafes, pubs and bars with their lovely interiors and their perfectly serene environment. Never know the town hides such treasure. Truly relaxing. No busy roads, no stuffy, crowded places that will suffocate you while you try your best to have fun. Plus, it was simply lovely to chill with old friends, reminiscing the good old days. Nothing beats that.
Got home yesterday. Bought 2 boxes of 'Kek Lapis' from Medan. They were damn cheap and for RM 15 per box of 1 kg, they taste lovely! And entrepreneurs sell them at RM 60 per box in KL. Now ain't that crazy...?

Job brought me to Beijing the other day too. It was shopping paradise..., well maybe not for those rich people with lots of dough out there who crave for genuine designer goods, but for a cheapskate like me, shopping in Beijing ain't bad at all. Their imitation goods drove me up the wall! Food wasn't that mouth-watering though, or maybe I didn't go to the right place. Tasted their grilled sweet potatoes by the roadside. It suits my tastebuds. I'll definitely take more cash along with me the next time job brings me there.

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