Sunday, June 08, 2008

Keep It 100

It's pretty funny and disturbing when once in a while you learnt that some of the friends you used to know are actually shallow thinker, judging and moronic.

They were not born as saints. But once they reach that point in life when they are married, have kids, wearing 'tudung' and dressing up like 'makcik', they get pretty smug with themselves and everyone else who aren't like them are bad influences and losers!

These kind of morons could be real nice to you, claim that you are their friend and grab every chance they can to talk and chat with you even if you aren't interested with their silly married life and hearing them talk 24-7 about their kids (macam dia sorang je dalam dunia ade anak).

And then, there will come one day when they finally found out that you happen to be a smoker, an occasional drinker, knows how to have fun (other than visiting parents-in-law every weekend) and have a totally different opinion towards life and marriage - they turned cold, fled and stopped being your friend altogether. 

Funny, innit? Knowing that these kind of people exist? 

Like how could you even figure that out in your peanut-sized brain that oh, I smoke and drink, therefore I must be a whore. I mean, what about you? You were the office slut before you were married, I didn't judge you for that. Owh, I forgot, you WERE the office slut, but now you are a saint and that gives you all the rights to judge me. Well, excuse me, miss, you can keep your judgement to yourself. I won't die just because you think I am a bad person. If you think I'm bad influence in your little perfect life and I am an illness to you as a friend, bear in mind that I never once asked you to join me in my little hell (if that's what you called it). Urrgghh! You disgust me, you know that? More than the carcass of a road-killed dog.

So, woman, kindly take your big, chunky, 'makcik' ass and 'makcik' brain out of my life and get lost! Don't even think of even saying hello to me in the future. You can flock together happily with all your 'makcik' pals (whom you think are so 'bagus'....oh wait, even though they are 'bagus', it doesn't mean you won't talk about them behind their back, right?). Then, you 'makciks' can talk about your husband and children and compare who has more 'gelang emas' all day long, okay? I'm still keeping it 100 - no matter what you think!


chics said...

Some people think that marriage and motherhood is everything. Aku tak tahan betul bila orang cakap "rugi takde anak ni, jangan rancang2, nanti tak dapat terus" or "nasib baik aku tak kawen perempaun macam kau, dah kawen pon nak melepak2 dengan kawan2 tengah2 malam"

like life is only about that.

kravitz jay said...

wuuhooo!!! u go gurl!!!!.. i sooo get wot u mean.. xoxo

Ty said...

haih, there a many people like that out there...

hahaha...don't mind me, Len. this was like a week ago. but i'm still very pissed!

mikhail harith said...

good thing i'm not a makcik, but a pakcik! hahhahahha!

iramastika syamsir said...

yeahaaa!!! there goes my bom... kebabommm already...abis all the makcik2 sape terasa pedas paham sendiri la..heheheee hope all the makcik yg mmg cnn tu sedar la

zalwanie zalkaply said...

marah sungguh nih......bukan gelang jer la... periuk, pinggan mangkuk, sofa baru, langsir raya muahhahahahahah besh besh beshhhh

n.farida geutjes-chaidir said...

wakakakak..hormonal babe!!!oestrogen war out there.. fuhhhh..saper lah yg kena sembur ngan racun rumput nih .
tapi tak pe ty ni cara yg sihat nak mengamuk kat depa! like u said peanut brain ..normally comes with beruk attitude.

mona seelan said...

Hmmm....I am sure you would share my opinion about facebooking and blogging being a healthy means to release tension, stress and anger...maybe that's why the pen is always said to be mightier than a sword! You go girl...always enjoy reading your articles whether its driven by anger or always manages to touch on a topic close to heart and to know that I am not alone....

zamrud yahya said...

As the former advisor for `Persatuan Ibu2 Tunggal Daerah Alor Gajah' I have to be neutral on this issue, hehehe

Ty said...

yes, you are a 'pakcik' indeed. but u're still tolerable, though. hahah...!

tak la pedas mane pun..

you're right. gelang emas is just one of those issues.

yeah blame it on my hormone... ;)

i'll make sure you're not alone.

i know you'd say that...heheh...amacam result? score 4 flat lagi ka? sure la ni...

kairel husmizan said...

'chunky makcik ass'??

kairel husmizan said...

oohhh I got goosebumps... chunky LMFAO!!

cynthia chong said...

hey ty.. i wonder who la made u this pissed!!! hehehe... yah, it's really irritating that all these ppl like to judge other ppl.. wut more ur frens (so-called)?? i've got such experience as well!!!

if got the chance.. should just tell them to mind their own f**king biz and take care of their children, and really pray hard that their children wont be like this one day!!!!

tyiara said...

oh oh oh...i missed this entry. baru sekarang aku baca. OMG OMG. this is so true!

can't wait to go home. i had enough of these premature makciks attitude over here.

Ty said...

yea, chunky ass...just like mine. hahahah!

honestly girl, i don't like to hurt other people's feelings. but if these people doesn't even care about mine, so why should i bother about taking care of theirs, right?

yea it's about time for u to come and stay, isn't it? bile kau balik? azrul kirim kepok lekor. lagi.

tyiara said...

even if they do, they won't realize it coz they're too self-absorbed and dumb. living in their little "perfect" makciks world with their little "perfect" makciks kids.

or are they proud when people call them makciks?

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