Monday, June 30, 2008

All Mixed Up

Schools's starting next week. I'm doomed. I have been 90% off carb for 3 days and I don't know if it's really gonna work. Can't wait for the bitches holiday in August. And I don't wanna go to school. Am missing working life, and by that, I meant office job and not waitress-ing.  

Warrick Brown is dead and now I have one reason not to watch CSI. Why Warrick? Why do they always take the good-looking one away? Just like Spiderman 3 when Harry died (the guy was super hot even with his face scarred), damn! Luckily Grissom is still around to cheer me up in CSI. And I bloody hate Toby Mc Guire.  

It's midnight and there's nothing to watch on TV. It is also a waste to sleep early so I watch Chuck. The next 3 days will be crazy busy. And next week will be devastating.


John Freeman said...

Man u r bored, take some cooking classes or something or get a pet, ha ha, maybe some electronic gadgets might help releive the boredom. Just harden up princess and get on with it :-)

Ty said...

i dont think i need cooking class. i'm already a good cook. as for pets, i hate anything hairy and i already have a permanent human pet (wink!). so i guess electronic gadgets gotta do the trick. hahaha! stop being cheeky already, john!

Niklas Degerman said...

I think I'll have to agree with John's post. You sound reeeaally bored.
However I really understand your feelings about school. :). Luckily for me, I've only got one more sem. to go.

Stop watching all that crap on TV, you'll vegetate like ... like an American... ;)
Go to the gym and keep that hot bod of yours fit.

Ty said...

well Nick, at least u understand school. and i'm already vegetating, so too late. ;) but sigh...! u people are forever trying to coax me into this gym thingy. i just might one day, if my fat zapping machine doesnt seem to work (grin!).