Saturday, August 12, 2006

So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

It is not a good sign if you begin your day with a sigh. But hell, i can't help it sometimes, especially at this moment in time where things are a little haywire, i would say. I have a new job..., (which is not much of a job) to adapt myself to, i have my plans to further my studies (wanna do MBA), to take up lessons for a 3rd language (which i still haven't checked on how, when, where and how much) and to have my own place (which is kinda urgent, because i seriously need to stop being a mommy's girl). Apart from all these, i can't be putting aside the all too natural side of me who is kinda lazy and quite laidback at times. I have wonderful friends (whom i love to chill with for many, many hours perhaps even, for many, many days), i have my family (parents and sisters to juggle my time with) and my passion for books to fill up my anti-social days. I'll consider myself lucky at the moment, for not being in a relationship or should i say marriage? Am i lucky or am i not? I am definitely enjoying myself at the moment, have never known that it is so blissful to be single. Well..., no doubt things can get kinda lonely sometimes, but hey! there are so many things out there for me to indulge myself into. For the time being, I'm just going to sit back, relax and enjoy. Let's see how long i am able to be in this state...Comments, anyone?


Foxxy Tyiara said...

lazy? yes of course...laid back? absolutely not. always wanna show off whatever you have up in your head. kidding! safe and sound here in golden. i am LONELY too. *tears* i dont know when you will read this but it sux. anyways, the black guy is still here. hehe.....

sarah said...

hey doll it's me.. i've become one of you!!! just had to check out what's it all about..not bad..not bad at all..thanx for's always mind boggling with you!! take care lovey!

Farah said...

tyiana dahhling!!! Being single is definitely better than being stuck in a relationship that sucks...marriage n coupledom is ALWAYS overrated..heard too many sob stories from my attached frens to last me a lifetime..

Sioux said...

Hallooo.... it's not THAT bad being single ok. I'm single, like really single. Like you said, it's a bliss. Hey, you actually have TIME for yourself to do ANYTHING you want. True, you get kinda lonely, but who said married women don't?

Btw, aren't we suppose to take up Spanish together, so we can speak to the Ricardos, the Alejandros and the Enriques?

I got my own crib now, but I think it's kinda far from your work place. If you would like to crash sometimes, fine with me. I got Astro la, don't worry.

That's it. Adios, amigos para siempre. ps I'm still waiting for your call.

Aziz said...

Girl, if I know any woman who can stand on her own two feet and grab life by the balls, it's you :) well, my sister also lah, heh.
So shit happens right? What didn't kill us can only make us stronger. So we get another scar on our bodies, we learn from them. 'Sides, scars are sexy :p
And if you ever wanna hang out, or want someone to help look for a place to stay, I'm but a phonecall away, k?


Harriz Frankee said...

Well Tyiana.. u sound kinda depressed. Bet i noe why.. I noe it's not much of a job but to a certain extent, i does pay quite well considering it ain't much of a job. I noe u need a job which stimulates ur mind or at least challenge ur wits.. Babe, it's only going to be for 2 years.. Then go do la ur freakin MBA or get married for that matter, have kids or sumthin. In da meantime.. live like ur 18 enjoy da moment, be a bimbo, guys like dat, use them.. Ur single.. take ur pick of men, use them n dump them like bad rashes.. namean.. Young men quite virile u noe, not so much for dem ol pot bellied fucks sum young women are so fuckin into...
Lifes short, live hard and party harder.. Don hafta think bot little things at da moment.. Coz u will look back in time and realize that ur life wasn't defined by just a few years.. lifes a journey.. it only ends when u die..
-im out-

Billy said...

Is not bad to be a single, at least you are free to do anything you like and no one will make noise to you..:P,
i kinda feel the same way you did, i like to spend more time to my hobby then go on relationship now..:) enjoy while you can Tyiana, don't let the good time go.

Ty said...

Pearl aka foxxy,
go get the black guy then.

good to know u've become an addict.

yes yes. I agree. But u wont be single for long, would ya?

exactly. Married people are lonelier.

Love you n your sister.

You sound like a fucken teacher.

You're just,...nice.