Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cough Drops

Couldn't sleep well last night because of the intense coughing that I had all throughout the night. Plus at around midnight, little Tacetta pulled a tantrum that reverberate around the house, causing both small Ty and I to sat upright and sigh.

This morning I woke up with aching joints and a cramp in my stomach - out of the extreme clenching and unclenching of my abs muscle each time I forced out a cough. If this prolongs until the next 3 to 4 days, I bet I'm gonna developed some six-pack abs. Hehehe.. Ridiculous, dreamy me.

Right now I am in one of the classrooms in UKM, waiting for Madame Sabrina to finish her assignment. I am feeling famish but she is looking too serious, too soaked up in her work that I do not dare to interrupt. Dude, aren't you hungry? Enough with that HRD journal and let's go fill up our belly. Ok? Now!


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