Saturday, April 19, 2008

One Long April

I would love to write crap now, but I don't have the pleasure of time at the moment just yet.

I owe Managerial Economics another chapter and I should be finishing that by today because Tuesday is the exam day. I dread economics. It's too much for my poor, tiny, scientific brain.

I read the prologue to Barack Obama's Audacity of Hope last night before bed and I've decided that I want to read the whole book. Seems interesting. But I can only do that later in May. By the looks of what I have in store for May, I am beginning to doubt that May is anything but relaxing!

I went to One Utama yesterday with mom and Pearl with the objective of getting some macarons from Bakerzin. Guess what people, I just knew this was going to happen. I went there and saw no macarons, so I asked. To my dissapointment, they told us that Bakerzin have stopped selling those macarons! I felt like crying. So Ainnie, I guess our quest for macarons in KL, has just went *poof!*!

And I've met little Chester last Friday.

That's about it for now. I am going down to savour some molten brandy truffles that came all the way from the Netherlands. Our lessons learned right, Ida? Heheh...Nevermind. I still love you no less. Thanks, doll!!


AInnie Ahmad said...

Aiyah... NO MACARONS?? .. NNNNOOOOO!!!! hahahha... (laughing at my own drama..eheh)

but I am a lil' dissappointed at the news cos i was seriously looking forward to tasting 'em... especially after u post that yummy pic on ur previous note... oh well... now i hv to make new plans for moday eve... (i know shah is thankful though cos he no longer hv to drive me around.. ehehe...)... hmm...

PS - do lemme know if u manage to locate them macarons anywhere in Malaysia kay...

Masila said...

Study! Study ME! Chaiyok!

N.Farida Geutjes-Chaidir said...

boe hoe hoe ;(((..seems like no good deeds goes unpunished.Reckoned,the best is still to go back personally next year with all the bonbons . wahahaha..
luv u n miss u too honey!! will hug u like hell nxt year . SukSess for the exam oke!!