Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Home At Last...But Dizzy

Dear Blogreaders..,

I just got home from work this morning and I've not seen home since last Saturday. And I was bloody homesick. Was forcing my not much of eyelids to remain open the whole 6-hour journey from Karachi and was practically trying my best not to drag my size 8 feet (yeah, I'm the notorious 'bigfoot', haha!) in case I bumped into some fucken, nasty supervisors and shoot some snooty remarks, or worst still make a written report to the office about my lacking of poise posture. Some fucken job I have, huh?

It was a good thing I didn't have to wait for bloody send off cab to go home. Papa was already waiting for me outside the arrivals. Oh thank god...!!

Slept for 3 hours once I climbed onto bed. That was the longest I could do for a daytime nap. Now I'm up, feeling nothing better than a fucken headache coming onto me. Sorry, I just feel like cursin throughout this one. My nose is slightly runny, thanks to the dirty, polluted air in Karachi. If you think KL's air is bad, this one's worse. I was lucky not to fall sick.

The only thing there that made good impression was the beriyani rice. Deliciously original. Our beriyani is nothing compared to theirs. It was so motherfucking tasty that I could just eat the rice alone and it tasted!

Owh.., am suddenly hungry. Gotta hobble downstairs to look for food. Tata now..! Will get back in a couple of days. Promise. Dizzy...


Tyiara said...

cik T....lama betul kau tak tulis blog ye...cepat lah dtg sini...aku tak sabar ni...and from the way you blog, u really need a vacation...

Ty said...

Haha...! Ticket aku gi lax dah approve. Lepas ni aku nak shopping winter clothing dulu. Yehuuu!!!!